my current state.

bed unmade.
car needing an oil change, air in the tires, and a wash…for weeks now.
dad’s birthday present in the backseat for a month now…still unmailed. no birthday card sent for he nor anne.
undeposited check in my purse…weeks old.
no upcoming dental visit to get my permanent crown…no time.
clothes needing to go to the cleaners in my backseat…been there for at least a week now.
bags full of stuff lying around…a few from work, a few from the service at church, another accumulation of randonness.
jackets draped over one chair, and another.
pearls still at the jewelry store awaiting my pick-up.

my current state…
one of unorganization,
things left undone,
so many things to do,
putting it off one more day.
totally not me…but it has become me in this current state.

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