i must.

i cannot succumb to my emotions…i must overrule them instead.
i cannot let my expectations of others and their ability/inability to meet them dictate my mood…i must determine it myself.
i cannot let the actions of others determine how i react…i must respond regardless.
i cannot become frustrated by what others do not know…i must continually teach, explain, and set the standards.
i cannot be a good leader if i remain so rigid…i must be more flexible and go with the flow.

i realized all of this as i was listening to a random playlist on my ipod while running this morning.
the first caused me to look around me, rather than just inside me.
to look outside myself, rather than to focus solely on myself.
to see the beauty, rather than the imperfection.
to see that beauty within…and without.
to see things differently…as if i had opened my eyes for the first time today.
or at least opened them anew…gaining a new and renewed perspective.

the second reminded me that we all face high tides but our perspective dictates the outcome.
we can either give up or determine to fight it.
we can either cry about it–like i had already done last night and earlier this morning–or choose to face it and change things.
we can either surrender and respond apathetically or choose to remain and resolve to prove ourselves.

and i’m not that kind of girl who gives up just like that…

1 thought on “i must.

  1. Don’t cuccumb to emotions, use them to make u stronger! I know its easier said than done, but it is better than letting your emotions dictate your well being! I feel your pain, it’s a stressful time, but the feeling will be short lived. Take care my friend! I miss you lots and I am always thinking of you.

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