the stock in the room.

i realized this week that i enjoy working in the stockroom.
i enjoy the challenge.
i enjoy the workout.
i enjoy heavy lifting.
i enjoy the orderliness.
i enjoy the systematicness.

but what i enjoyed most this week about the stockroom was the conversation. the rather interesting conversations you have with people processing boxes, p-touching, or stocking shelves. and sometimes these conversations are much more interesting than the ones you have in real life (conversations with lance and faisal, that is)…especially when you are just done for the day.

it allows you to work alongside others accomplishing a similar task, knowing you are part of a team, knowing you are a part of the whole.

and what i realized is that these people have the most important job.
they work tirelessly day after day hauling boxes (or if you’re faisal, you just move cookware sets on and off the uhaul and then back on again…which subsequently results in what i’ve termed the dolley lean),
transporting merchandise to the remote (sometimes what seems like a million times…sometimes the very things you just left at the remote are wanted back at the store),
processing shipment in record time (that is if you have lance fully clothed in hoodie in the 90degree heat who forgot to take his ADHD medication, sweating profusely while you’re afraid he’s about to have a heart attack),
unpacking boxes and more boxes and more…and being so patient when the visual team brings up yet another half emptied box of yankee pot roast,
organizing the layout so both they and you can find the product when needed (and then re-evaluating why the smokey bacon sauce was put in the middle of the sprinkles cupcake mix),
p-touching the shelves so you can tell the difference between the double burner grill pan and the grande grill…there is a difference, right?

it is an exhausting job that doesn’t get the credit, nor the thanks, it deserves.
to the best stock in the room…you guys amaze me!
DSCN1268 DSCN1011 DSCN1084 DSCN0827 DSCN0960 DSCN1139 DSCN0973 DSCN1228 DSCN1293 DSCN1087 DSCN1170 DSCN1171 DSCN1175
so here’s to all my new stockroom friends. it definitely won’t be the same without you.

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