because you’re beautiful.

this has got to be one of my favorite shirts.
not sure why, but it has been for years.
not that it’s true but i just like it.

why does everybody always have to take my picture?

the shirt asks–begs, even–for a response. i don’t usually get one, but today i did. at pinkberry of all places.
i walked up to the counter and placed my order. the guy looked at me and said, “because you’re beautiful.” i was unsure what he was talking about, referring to, or even if he was addressing me.
then i realized.
my shirt.
the question.
i was a little taken aback and somewhat shocked. i smiled and looked down as my face began to blush a little.

because i’m beautiful?
i just don’t get it.
and i just don’t believe it.
true confession.
hair pulled back in a ponytail…somewhat unkempt, grungy-esque work clothes donned, grayish hands discolored from handling so many boxes, no make-up (as if i ever wear any)…i began formulating a list to the contrary.
me, beautiful…today? any other day?

what prompted that guy to say that…to me, a total stranger?
what causes me to respond skeptically to someone–this guy in particular–who responds accordingly?
what makes me not believe him?

2 thoughts on “because you’re beautiful.

  1. …yeh, i was just skimming over yer past blogs and i just had to comment on this one…trust me, the guy wasn’t lying, you definitely fall into the “beautiful” category and people will comment on it (it’s human nature to gravitate to beauty)…as for your skepticism, well, it’s probably just ingrained modesty (don’t over-analyze, just enjoy the compliment)…

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