it begins.

it’s 5am and it’s the same as it was at midnight.
can’t sleep.
just laying in bed.
a million and one things i would like to do.
too excited.
so i get up and embrace the day.

the day is finally here.
everyone shows up at 8am, including our first shipment…the first of 3 for today.
i know around mid-afternoon, or especially by 7pm, it would have been better for me to actually have gotten more than 5 hours sleep but i just couldn’t.
i just couldn’t make myself.
i just couldn’t help but start nacho libre at 10pm…and watch the whole thing wide-eyed, fully alert, cracking up at every stupid line.
i just couldn’t call it quits on my cts signs, putting them off until another night.
and like this morning, i just couldn’t not make muffins for the hard workers we will have in just 2 short hours.
and like last night, i just couldn’t not make the dozens of cookies for snacks later on today.
maybe later i would have wished i just wouldn’t instead of feeling like i just couldn’t not…maybe.

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