pinged back.

innocently enough, a few days ago i wrote a blog about the class i planned to attend at church last night. added some links–like i typically do. and ta-da, published my blog…for all to read, literally.

later–much later–i saw that my blog had been accessed from the church website. what in the world…how did that happen? i checked it out later and even more times, my blog had been accessed from the church website. i followed the link back to the church website and there was a link to my blog underneath the class i wrote about attending. i had not only put a link on my blog to the church’s website (because i wanted everyone to see the fabulous job kristin did on it), but i also put one to the list of classes i had mentioned.
…and since i had linked it, it linked me back.

i called kristin kind of freaked out by what seemed to me to be a huge mistake.
how had i done this?
would people think i had so forthrightly added a comment to the church class list?
and how do i get it off?
i tried to delete all links…to no avail.
kristin said too bad, so sad…that it had been cached and would be there awhile.

but then she said, “jen, you’re just cutting edge.”
“yeah, maybe just ignorant. i had no idea what i was doing.”
she went on to explain that the design of the website was meant to be interactive. these event pages were really blog pages that allowed people to write comments, responses, and for others to comment and respond to ones written. the website was meant to do what i had just done.
…i was just the first one.
the original.
the first.

who knew? obviously not me.
but i now know to be careful what i ping because i just might get pinged back.

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