embrace it.

i went to church for the first time in at least a month yesterday. the service i usually go to not meeting throughout the month of august and working every sunday the past month has precluded me from going to any other service. yesterday was my first opportunity to attend a somewhat more liturgical episcopalian service–although it is still not very, touted as ‘contemporary liturgy.’

it seems that my presence necessitated the particular morning blessing…
or maybe it was divine intervention that i attended this particular sunday when this particular morning blessing was read…
or maybe all gathered could relate to a such a change in seasons of life.

the blessing flowed something like this:

for some of you, it’s a period of beginnings,
for some, it’s a period of endings….
embrace what it is in this space.

i scribbled down those snippets of the actual blessing…
short phrases that seemed apropos.
short phrases that seemed to characterize where i am.
short phrases that i needed to hear even more today than yesterday.

embrace where i am–the endings and the beginnings.
embrace what i am doing–walking away from the closed door and towards those open before me.
embrace what is to come–the possibilities, opportunities, adventure, unknown, learning, mistakes, growth.
embrace all i know…and all i know not yet.
embrace it…and find joy in this moment.

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