i just decided a pet peeve i have. it involves watching things–in this particular case, movies–with others who have already seen them. therein, lies the peeve.
others giving away the movie…however naively they may be doing so.
others trying to figure the movie out…out loud.
others making comments constantly throughout the movie…just watch it, no extra commentary needed.
others explaining what is going on…no additional narration needed, please.
i have just decided this because i find myself in such a situation at the present…and i find myself getting annoyed at the situation.


5 thoughts on “peeved.

  1. I watched “The Sixth Sense” with someone who figured it out about halfway through and so he kept muttering, “It’s SO obvious” for about 20 minutes before I moved seats in the theatre. I’m right there with you, Jen.

  2. Chip’s dad does this and drives me insane! It’s not just movies but anything on tv…ugh. Sarah does this too, but hopefully we’ve trained Hansen and Mary to keep their mouths shut.

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