come and gone.

my last spin class at the Y has come and gone.
my movers have come…and are now gone.
DSCN1424 DSCN1425
my bare-walled room looks vaguely like it did just moments after i moved in.
come and gone.

seasons of our life seem to do that…they come and they go.
life, like the tide, ebbs and it flows.
seasons begin, never truly ending, just transitioning into the next.

it’s my next.
it’s my time to transition.
it’s my time to move out.
it’s my time to pursue what lies ahead.
it’s my time to forge new paths.
it’s my time to live a new adventure.

old times…they’ve gone.
new times…they’re to come.


2 thoughts on “come and gone.

  1. Wow! It amazing how much love and character you put into that ap. I can’t wait to see what you do with your ne place.I know you are going through a new phase of your life and I am so proud of you. I can’t say it enough.please know that pierre and I will be here for you if ever and when ever you need us. Your friendship and support is so important. Good luck and I know that GOD is watching over you.

  2. thanks…i know it too! although it is sometimes hard to see the light through the haziness.
    i appreciate your constant support and encouragement…couldn’t do it without you! and know i need your friendship. it has and continues to be such a blessing in my life.

    can’t wait to have you over to my new place!

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