DSCN1064 i picked it up on the plane on the flight home to alabama…i think mainly to see what my options were as far as inflight music goes. the american airlines magazine on (july 2008 edition) featuring rainn wilson on the cover. i was hooked. i like him, as an actor…or at least i have in everything in which i have seen. i read the article, took some notes in it, and decided i should take it with me…so i did.

it seems that i might have a lot in common with rainn…or share similar viewpoints spiritually. rainn is in the process of launching a website, soulpancake, where he seeks to combine creativity and spirituality. he claims that both art and spirituality aspire to more. in fact, they aspire

to reveal the human condition. that’s what both art and spirituality long for: to touch the heart and touch the soul in some way and remind us of what it is to be human and how precious life is. both art and spirituality are going for the same jugular (page11).

and that is what he seeks to do through his website, forming a place “that kinda deals with life’s big questions,” addressing them “in a context of artistic creativity,” and so offering “a service to people who are looking for a different way to experience spirituality” (page10). as i read rainn’s own words, i couldn’t help but think of my own journey of late…and how i am seeking to do the same, especially here in my blog.

may i deal faithfully with the big questions of life, seeking a more holistic view of life…rather than the dichotomistic ways of thinking in my past.
may i offer a safeplace for those who desire a new form of spirituality…one that seems to encompass life, rather than being one category among life’s many.
may i continue to ask questions, continue to desire, continue to seek, continue to speculate, continue to talk, continue to listen, continue to learn…in a community of fellow travelers.

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