the quake.

in case any of you live under a rock and did not hear, there was an earthquake today in southern california…one that registered 5.4 on the richter. i was actually walking out of target with my friend lydia when it occurred. we heard a few very odd noises–one that sounded like a cat screech as it fell from the roof into a tree beside us and one that sounded like a sliding door shutting loudly on a run-down van. i turned to the side of the building–where the cat-like noise was occurring–and it looked to me like the building was shaking.
i looked at lydia and said, “what was that?”
“sounded like a cat to me,” she replied.
” a cat? i’m not talking about the noise, i’m talking about the feeling. either that building was just shaking or i was” i said.
“what feeling? you’re crazy,” was her final response.
“crazy…whatever. maybe i just had an outer body experience,” i stated, as i dropped the subject.
but i knew…i knew something had just happened but i didn’t know what.

we quickly got sidetracked by the old lady who pulled out in front of the truck headed towards us in the middle of the street. the lady would have totally got pounded by the truck if he wasn’t slowing down for us…and he was only slowing down a little. we almost for real felt a shake as we would have gotten a piece of that one. lydia’s comment: “that’s why they shouldn’t let old people drive–my parent’s included.”

fast forward a few minutes as lydia is taking me to work. we tried calling work voicemail several times but couldn’t get through…weird, never happened before. then i noticed all the people out and about walking on the street.
“what are all these people doing?” i questioned.
“well, jen, it is lunch time,” lydia chided.
“i realize that but i come this exact way every day and there are never this many people simply walking around. and look, they are all on their cell phones. something’s going on,” i predicted.
“whatever.” [a minute or two passed by as we continued to see mobs of people standing around outside of the buildings, most trying to contact someone by cell phone.] “yeah, you’re right,” lydia concluded. “something is going on.”

we pull up outside of work to fernando, the ground’s keeper of the shopping complex…still clueless.
“fernando, what’s going on?” we asked.
“a 5.8 one [as was suspected at first]. didn’t you feel it?” fernando questioned.

“told you something was going on. and you thought it was just a cat,” i said as i turned around to lydia.

1 thought on “the quake.

  1. “Whatever!” Just kidding. Now you’ve experienced an actual earthquake. I feel like an idiot. Sorry jen I should have listened to you. I guess I’ve experienced too many earthquakes to be shaken by it. I just didn’t want to go home for the aftermath of having to clean up.

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