the aftershocks.

i got home less than an hour ago and cautiously entered my 290 square foot cove i call an apartment, scared to see if the earthquake had left its mark. well…
the ironing board laying across the floor, barely allowing my door to open.
a le creuset lid across the room from the kitchen cabinets from whence it had flown.
picture frames overturned.
6 bundt pans now residing on the floor, falling from their display on my wall.
1 broken dish.
no casualties, i thought, as i sat down to check my email…thankful that none hit my macbook, which sits underneath the only remaining bundt pans on my wall.

i decided i should check the other 70 square feet and entered the hallway, and then the bathroom.
a purse falling off the hook on the wall.
still no big deal.
and the bathroom…
i find most of the items that were on the shelf in my bathroom now floating in the toilet.
the clock water-logged and keeping time at 11:40.
numerous dried flowers, making it look like a centerpiece.
“proud of who you are” plaque…so proud you’re now in the toilet.
and the angel figuring mom recently sent me now headless, missing one arm and the star.

but still…no casualties.


3 thoughts on “the aftershocks.

  1. Jen,
    I’m so glad your mac was fine, and that there was no major disruptions/damage. It’s so funny that everything ended up in the toilet. well written. I’m proud of you (and so is your toilet)!

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