the search continues…

i went to target in search of new vitamins…new chewable vitamins, i might add. you see, i don’t like to swallow pills so i opt for the chewable vitamins–better known as the children’s vitamins. i typically get the non-descript store brand, but this time i was overcome by my desires of want.
spider man vitamins? you have got to be kidding me…
i saw them and i wanted them.
i didn’t take much notice of their ingredients–they could have been candy for all i cared.
i didn’t open the box to see what they looked like.
i simply saw the package and bought them…the hidden superhero-to-be within made me.

i could hardly wait to get out of the store and open the box. i was vitamin deprived since i forgot to take mine before leaving home this morning. i opened it, noticed the actual vitamins and had second thoughts. they looked like candy (and why, yes, i am sure that is the point but i don’t care to eat sugar coated gummy vitamins with my breakfast).

i paid no attention to my second thought and ate one. not only looked like candy but tasted as such. even though it wasn’t all that tasty, i began to crave another…i’m sure because of all the sugar it contained. i took the second one from the bottle and investigated it. it most certainly did not look like any of the 3 advertised superheroes on the box. it simply looked like a sugar-coated gummy substance.

that was it.
no more superhero vitamins for me.

and to top it all off, the ingredients…well, 3 of the 14 ingredients contain the word ‘sugar’…healthy, huh?
and interestingly enough, these vitamins also contains fish (tuna) ingredients. think they could have left that part out.

hope margit’s kids like sugar-coated gummy substances resembling absolutely nothing yet containing plenty of sugar, black carrot juice color concentrate, and fish ingredients.

9 thoughts on “the search continues…

  1. I thought I left you some sour gummi bear vitamins…or did you insist I take those back home? They even look like little bears!!

  2. Considering the first 2 ingredients are sugar and corn syrup it’s hard to think of them as vitamins. That must help mask the fish ingredients!

  3. Actually, I guess they are just gummi bears but they are sort of tangy and coated with somethig that looks like the sour gummi treats. I’ll get some for you. They don’t have fish in them either…or at least I don’t think they do…I can’t read the extra fine print on the container.

  4. Two words for you: Gummy Vites. They’re the only vitamins I will consume—therefore, they must have some corn syrup in them. I will have to investigate. Flinstones were good too…

  5. i’ve had the sugar-laced gummy vitamins, just not the ones with sugar on top. i liked the cars…my friend’s 3-year-old convinced me to buy them because those were the ones he likes.
    yeah, you should investigate…which ones have fish ingredients.

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