an ability.

Love is not a feeling, Mr. Burns. It’s an ability. ~Marty Barasco, Dan in Real Life.

it was the second time i’ve seen this movie and for the second time, i am struck by this declaration. love as an ability…what does that mean? is love innate…or must it require work? in pondering over this statement, i think i might have to agree. an ability does not have to be one that comes natural to us, but one that is refined within us. it takes effort, it takes talent, it takes the decision to make it work.

love as an ability.
love as an action.
love as an act of the will.
love as determination.
love as power or capacity within ourselves.

we must choose to love…it doesn’t always come natural–or rarely does it.
we must choose to bestow love towards another…even when we feel they do not deserve it.
we must choose to lavish love on another…especially when they’ve hurt or betrayed us.
we must choose to love…when it’s not easy, our feelings do not dictate it, or we feel like we have nothing to give.

an ability? maybe.
all i know is that it is more–far more–than simply some feeling that comes and goes, that changes direction, that leaves one ambiguous, and uncertain. love is an action that requires our choice, our determination, our willingness to be vulnerable, and our willingness to accept others as they are.

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