the closer.

i like closing–really, i do–
but every shift i’ve worked
for the past 2 weeks…and counting
totaling 11 until i actually have an opening shift?

have i gotten the reputation of being
a good closer,
a doormat,
one who will not put up a fight–until at the end of her rope,
taking one–or 10 in a row–for the team,
a peon manager,
single and childless,
closest to the store,
one who closes quickly and efficiently,
patient and understanding,
one who doesn’t care?

my all-closing streak will come to an end…and not too soon.

4 thoughts on “the closer.

  1. Your personality won’t let you say no unless you get becked into a corner. The key is to not get backed in. I’m proud that you stepped up an made your voice heard.

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