to see…

mom was walking through wal-mart a few days ago and saw a life-size version of the following with the tagline:
do you want to see brett favre in wranglers?
…or something to that effect…or was that just my imagination?

i thought to myself–and to all of you who now read this–that is a fairly dangerous question.
one that could invoke quit a bit of response–some not so anticipated.
margit and i would fly across country, have a stake-out at wal-mart 24 hours a day, just to catch a glimpse of brett in his wranglers.

5 thoughts on “to see…

  1. I assume we will be going to Kiln, Mississippi! I can leave anytime for that!!! Oh, how we will miss him this season.

  2. Just so you know, I keep coming back to the website just to see this picture. I really hope he does some sort of analysis this season otherwise we might have to become stalkers.

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