that kind of girl.

i thought you were the kind of girl who knew when to say when. ~juno’s dad.
i don’t really know what kind of girl i am. ~juno.

much wisdom and depth in the snippets of conversation filmed in the movie juno.

what does the above conversation mean exactly?
what kind of girl does juno’s father think she is?
what kind of girl does juno think she is/was?
does her/other’s perception of herself cause her to act any different?
does his response imply that the activity of certain kinds of people necessitate their current situation?
and does it imply that we all can’t make mistakes, wrong choices, or simply differing ones than others expect?

much of the same thoughts i have going through my own mind.
much of the same questions i anticipate others asking me.
much of the same answers i wish i could hear.


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