first day of freedom.

i spent today just the way i love to do on days off.
DSCN9974 getting to the beach early, staking out my spot…alone.
reading, catching up with friends hours away via my free weekend minutes.
napping, listening to other’s conversations, watching the surfer’s…their abilities–not their physique–of course.
listening to some coldplay on my ipod.
eating sun-warmed hummus. drinking warm water from my BPA-free nalgene.

funny thing about it, though, i kind of got bored. i am so used to going to the beach and feeling the need to be somewhat–or just a little–productive with reading for school. now that i have no reading left to do, it was like i didn’t know what to do with myself. it was like i didn’t exactly know how to handle this newfound freedom. and it was like i didn’t know how to relax–haven’t i worked on this before?
so, i went for a run. DSCN9972
and that was relaxing…well, at least when i finished.
it felt good.
it felt good to push myself when i wanted to quit, to push through the pain, to endure the heat, and run a decent pace. after the past week of taking time off to rest, to recover from sickness, and to spend extra time on my project, it was just nice to run.
DSCN0004 and having my own personal concert via my ipod on the drive home. sara bareilles just needs a little back-up on “love song,” ya know? i seem to be perfect for the job, i might add. just ask my fellow drivers on the 605/210 whom i sure could hear me through my open windows and sunroof. but i wasn’t nervous…i sang my little heart out, unabashed.

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