after church tonight, jena took emily and i to her favorite yogurt place…menchies. DSCN9908
and it just so happens to be on the way back from church…how convenient. she had described it to me several times but i still didn’t quite understand what it was all about…until i experienced it.
it is this frozen yogurt place where you can choose everything, and do it all yourself.
i love the instructions that are listed throughout the store…painted on the walls, hanging from the ceilings.
DSCN9910 DSCN9919
it seems like a continuous circle, a roundabout, of sorts.
first, you pick up some tasting cups to get a sample of the 8 flavors of yogurt…of which i choose 3–cookies and cream, peanut butter, and cake batter. tough call, but i made the decision to go with the peanut butter. wise choice.

enter the circle again.

then, you choose your cup size and go to the yogurt machine of your choice. i stepped up to the peanut butter machine and pushed down on the lever. i totally had flashbacks of the daily treks to the yogurt machine in the caf’ at samford…not wanting to fill my cup as high as the guy we termed ‘yogurt man’ with his mile high yogurt cup.

continue on in the circle.
toppings!! but which topping will taste best on your yogurt creation? there are at least 3 sauces (which i discovered AFTER i finished my creation), 10 various fruit toppings, and at least 2 dozen other options between nuts, granola, cereal, and candy. i choose the crushed chocolate peanut butter cups to adorn my peanut butter yogurt. what tastes better with chocolate than peanut butter?

the circle cedes.
it ends upon arrival at the center registers where you must pay for your much anticipated munchie.
you put your yogurt creation on the scale and you fork over the cash. not bad…$3.25 and this yogurt isn’t even soured!

…eating time.

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