something about this banner that i find amusing. in fact, the last few sundays i have seen it as i walk up to the doors to church, i cannot help but busting out laughing…literally every time.
i mean, really, what about this banner sticks out to you?
it reminds me of one of those pictures where you look to find the thing that does not fit.
…donuts, maybe?

i actually hadn’t paid attention to the rest of it to know what it was advertising besides the donuts.
new service, hmmm…with donuts.
that should attract a crowd.
i mean really, what kind of church would it be if it did not have provocative teaching, maybe with some contemporary liturgy (especially in the episcopal church), and donuts to accompany?
maybe you should check out the 10:15 service.

as i was taking a picture of the banner, barry said there were about 100 or so people gathered this morning for the kick-off.
…and no donuts, i am sad to report.

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