time together.

i was fortunate to spend 24 hours with my dear friend, shawna–a friend that i have known the past 12 year–with her husband and son at their home in colomokee, georgia. she always describes it as being in the middle of nowhere…and now i can visualize what she means, i can identify with her life, i can understand her schedule. for at least a day, i have walked alongside my friend for who for 4 to 5 years i had done so while in college and the year following. and just a few days ago, i had the opportunity yet again.
DSCN8818 DSCN8821 DSCN8829
it was time spent with a friend who knows me well, who has walked life beside me through such times of growth.
it was time spent with one who always is an encouragement, inspiration, and refreshment.
it was time i will cherish until the next time we are together.

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