i got in the car this morning after my spin class and turned on espn radio–to colin cowherd, of course–where he was talking about marriage. talk of marriage on sports radio…what in the world do the two have in common?
even after listening to his rant, i am still unsure of the connection. well, he did reference football….
interesting viewpoint, i would have to say…a bit of a difference from my rather conservative viewpoint.
i think it was a conversation about elliott spitzer that somehow evolved into this.

everything in life is evolving. maybe marriage should evolve as well. it is the only modern-day institution that has yet to evolve. and i think it should…at least for guys.
we should treat marriage like the nfl combine…
bonus,
contract clause
…and at the end, both are unrestricted free agents.
marriage is the one institution that hasn’t changed. why hasn’t it changed?

got to admit that much of life has evolved, especially in the last 50-60 years.
got to admit that much of life has evolved, for better or for worse (but hopefully more for the better).
got to admit that much of life will evolve, whether we like it or not.
got to admit that much of life will evolve with little or much effort from ourselves.

i am more optimistic than colin, not seeing the benefit from it resembling the nfl combine. not sure about the evolution of marriage–where it should go, what it should look like, or what is yet to come…yet i remain hopeful.

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