the trip.

the arrival.
DSCN7887 DSCN7913
the much anticipated, long awaited (for those stuck in traffic on the freeway and for those waiting outside baggage claim) arrival.

the new experiences.
DSCN7890 DSCN7891 DSCN7907 DSCN7903
blood oranges, samosas, and mr. miyagi

the new store.
DSCN7925 DSCN7927 DSCN7926 DSCN7924
on the corner of 16th and montana in santa monica you will find “a room with a view”…and new owners for the view. it will serve as the new store location in the fall of 2008.
what a view…
what a store…
what a dream…
what a reality.

the views.
DSCN7945DSCN7962 DSCN7963 DSCN7969 DSCN7970 DSCN8041 DSCN8027
from above, from below, from vertical, from horizontal, from the ground, from the air, from the feet, from the face.

the direction(less).

i’ve been here before but i’m not sure exactly where it is. it is around here somewhere…maybe on this street.

oh yeah, this is the right way. you can totally tell we’re in hollywood…[few minutes pass] do you know where we are? we are in stinkin’ santa monica. i went the wrong way on wilshire and we are exactly where we went yesterday. we totally went the wrong way.

funny that this street tile in westwood marked the first conversation. it caught my eye as we were, indeed, going the wrong direction.

the theater.
DSCN8065 DSCN8066
well maybe this wasn’t high culture, but some culture it was.

the pampering.
DSCN8091 DSCN8092 DSCN8094
everybody’s talking about dashing diva…including us.

the paparazzi…and the famous.
DSCN8114 DSCN8116 DSCN8125 DSCN8122
were we part of the paparazzi or the famous?
…only time will tell.

the end.
what an amazing ending to time well spent.
time spent with another who refreshes you like no other.
time spent with another who knows you so well, loves you as you are, and celebrates you for who you are.
time spent with another who always encourages and challenges you…on all levels.

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