mom sent me this picture, saying she wish she would have thought of this when i was little.
i replied to her email, saying that i don’t think this would have stopped me from displaying my artistic talent on the walls of our townhouse, at precisely the moment when the realtor was knocking on our front door.

as a budding artist,
could i halt the inspiration that had entered my mind, that was eating away at me until i expressed it?
could you fault me for wanting to make our house more appealing to the perspective buyers (thought the purple marker added a ‘pop’ to our dining room wall)?

i always claimed that i was an artist in the making, a creative genius if you will…until that moment.
but in reality, i think i was more lured by the rebellion, rather than expressing myself…
the freedom in doing my own thing, rather than being constrained to do what was expected of me…
the adrenaline created in seeing how mom would respond, rather than the threat of being punished.

glad mom was able to channel that restless energy, that rebellion, that freedom, that free spirit…
not an easy task, i am sure…but one for which i am grateful.

2 thoughts on “channeling.

  1. I loved being your mom (and still do). Just watching your creativity blossom has been a joy…even when you were rebellious! Your creativity was most evident in the brilliant plans you conjured up to get yourself out of trouble when you knew you had crossed the line and suffering the consequences of your decision was imminent. You were, and still are, my favorite artist…even if you did color the wall dark purple and paint multi-colored stripes on the top of my head with permanent markers while I slept!!!

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