Margit and I were taking the final steps of our run when some older gentleman, who was helping out with some running group, cheered us on. I can’t remember exactly what he said and it is quite irrelevant to the story. As we walked past gentleman again, after our run walking back to our cars, he called us over and started his spill, which went a little something like this…
Girls, did you know that the city of Pasadena encourages runners to run facing traffic. Now you (pointing at me), your cute little rear end was ¾ of the way in the street…and that could be a distraction to some drivers.

After politely excusing ourselves from the conversation, somewhat listening and somewhat tuning him out. I turned to Margit, when we were out of hearing range and said, “did he just say my cute little rear end? My butt! (in sarcastic fashion which I normally utter that phrase) And a distraction?”

Quite humorous I must say.

Never thought I would be a distraction to drivers…especially from the rear.

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