dear baby jesus.

i was watching talladega nights for the first time last night when it came to the “dear baby jesus” prayer….
enough said.

even though i have heard about it, it didn’t spoil it for me. definitely think it was my favorite part.

even though the writers meant for this to be a funny scene–a spoof on prayer–i thought about how realistic this prayer really is.
it says a lot about how we view jesus,
the way in which we pray to jesus,
how we view prayer,
and what we anticipate from our prayers.

dear tiny infant jesus….
i like the christmas jesus best and i am saying grace. when you say grace, you can say it to grown-up jesus, teenage jesus, or bearded jesus or whoever you want.
dear tiny jesus…
he was a man. he had a beard…
look, i like the baby version the best…
i like to picture jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt…
i like to picture jesus as a ninja…
i like to picture jesus with giant eagle’s wings.

how do we normally view jesus?
do we always view him as a man, the bearded man we always see in pictures?
is it just at christmas that we view jesus as a baby, an infant, a tiny person?
do we ever view jesus as a teenager?
do we think that jesus might actually wear a tuxedo t-shirt and go to a party, actually having a good time (john 2.1-11)?

believe it or not, this prayer actually challenged me to think about jesus differently–as the tiny infant, as the young kid teaching in the synagogue, as the teenager learning his dad’s trade, as a carpenter, as a young man beginning his ministry, as…
the list could go on…and should.


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