for a time we lived in harmony. but like all great power some wanted it for good, others for evil. and so began the war. a war that ravaged our planet until it was consumed by death.
~from the movie, transformers.

this quote, uttered by optimus prime, at the outset of the movie sets the stage for what is to come. it is an all-out war between good and evil, good offering life whereas evil offers death. the war that wages on between the 2 powers…until one must come to an end.

as i listened to this quote, i realized this story seems vaguely familiar to one i am well acquainted with. the story of existence of good, and then the existence of evil, the 2 powers standing in opposition and clashing, the resulting battle, and the knowledge that one will inevitably end.

good to know that good will ultimately triumph evil…


2 thoughts on “transformers.

  1. Interesting observation Jen, I hadn’t noticed that parallel. It opens up other questions, too. What if there were creatures on other planets whose history was similar to ours? Is Optimus Prime a Christ figure in the movie? To what extent is the outcome of the film hopeful for the real world?

    And doesn’t OP rock? He was a surrogate dad for so many young boys in the 80’s, it was great to see him on screen again.

  2. what? i cannot believe you have not picked up on that…
    thought about OP being Christ-like, especially when he tries to sacrifice his life in order to save the humans.
    thought the movie conveyed hope for the real world for sure.
    glad you like the post.

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