i’ve decided that i am almost famous. i am sure it is just because i live in the LA/Hollywood area and it seems that everyone is in the industry.

but i thought i would make a list of my debuts since being here just under 2 years (if i keep this up, i just might have a starring role by the end of 2008)…

*take home chef…twice.
curtis (the chef who “takes home” pretty women in the grocery store to help them make some fabulous meal for their man) came into the williams sonoma in pasadena a few times to film as he picked out some cooking essentials.
take 1. the first time, i was a complete moron. josh was helping curtis and i heard him call over the walkie for some soufflé dishes to the stockroom upstairs. i just happened to be there, so i told laurie i would take them down. i wasn’t exactly paying attention because i was already thinking about my star debut…so, when i came downstairs i gave josh 2 soufflé dishes #2 (the size). he looked at the dishes, looked at me, then said, “thanks, jen. could you get me the tall ones?” he should have just said (into the camera), “moron…i said 2 tall soufflé dishes #2 but you were too concerned about your hair being perfect or your lipstick not being on crooked that you clearly were not paying attention to what i called up on the walkie.” or that is what i said to myself as i walked back up stairs to trade out the normal size for the tall ones, completely humiliated by my first chance at stardom.
chef_image2 take 2. i came into work a couple of days later and louis told me i would be helping curtis today when he came into the store, to which i protested. a few of us were standing in the front room of the store when the cameramen entered…and all the other employees vacated. i was left alone to help the camera crew, as well as curtis. i wasn’t briefed on what my role was or my script so i was unsure if i was to speak or not. not wanting to foul up my second TLC appearance, i kept my mouth shut…until. until we were at the register and i was attempting to read the sku on the marble cheese board, which was smudged and illegible. i decided to bide my time by asking curtis what he would be cooking. i have no idea what the menu included but all i know is that as he was reeling off the items, i successfully deciphered the sku…and saved myself from yet another humiliating filming experience.

the secret life of…starring george duran. george_whisk_d
the food network came to film one of our cooking classes. and film they did. they took over the store for about 1/2 a day, filming monica as she did what she does best…shine in front of an audience. never did i think i would actually make it on the show since i was just doing my job, helping customers acting like this was a normal day in the store. somehow, i seemed to make an appearance. check out my cameo. you can see me in the background wearing a white sweater, craftily moving the products on the counter exactly 1/2 and inch to the left. did i mention that i have had quite a few humiliating filming experiences? add this one to the list.

a few days before thanksgiving, jennifer love hewitt came into the store to pick up a few key thanksgiving day preparations–focaccia stuffing, turkey gravy base, cranberry relish, and monkey bread. as i rang her up i asked her if she needed the mold in which to make the monkey bread. she answered in the affirmative, gratefully. she responded, “thank you so much! what would i have done when i got home and wanted to make the monkey bread? i would have been so mad that i did not have it then.” i agreed that there is nothing more frustrating than not having everything you need.
although i wasn’t asked to co-star in her next series, i was able to make small talk–just like she was a normal person–to a celeb.

local news.
after finishing our morning run at the rose bowl a few weeks ago, margit and i were approached by a news anchor from a local news station to ask us our thoughts on the possibility of usc playing at the rose bowl. margit deferred to me, so the cameraman turned on the lights and began rolling the tape. the anchorman continued asking me my opinion as a pasadena resident, to which i had none. i only had an opinion as a sports fan. i had to rush off to work but margit caught the tale end of the news segment. she didn’t see my interview but she did see the lady they approached as we drove away. think i must have gotten edited out of the segment.

images tim roth and his wife, nikki, frequent the store just to pick up a few items here and there…never a small purpose. i have helped her in the past, but never for this duration and never them both. i found myself continued to be called back to them as they thought of another question, something else they needed, or a chance to empty out their hands of the product which kept their hands occupied. tim seemed a bit impatient as i placed his special order, asked for his ID, and asked for him to stay while i printed him a copy of the order for confirmation. looks like i missed my chance at a co-star role with tim, whom would be way too impatient for my novice acting skills.

reggie southerland, ReggieSoutherland a food network chef,
came into the store for some late night shopping and taste testing. he asked me about the candies because he wanted to take some to a neighbor for the holidays. i helped him pick out an unusual kind of candy to take to his neighbor. he enjoyed the free tasting of hot chocolate and sticky paws. once again, another celeb encounter that proves to be a normal interaction, no different from any other customer that i had helped that day.

if anything actually does pan out, i think i will see if louis’ dad can do my make-up…or at least give me pointers on how to wear it. maybe i could even get a family discount…or a first-time discount for my “first” official filming.

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