black friday.

for some reason rusty wanted to go out with the 10 million other shoppers on this black friday–not at 4am, of course. we only went to a few shops and we had enough. rei was our first stop and the only place where we actually made a purchase–some socks and clif bars.

getting into the parking lot and finding a parking space at best buy took no less than 15 minutes and i almost had to pull a “Towanda” on some lady who tried to nab my parking place. i got a little nervous approaching the store when i noticed the ambulance parked outside, then the police car.
DSCN6727 DSCN6721 DSCN6723 DSCN6724 DSCN6720
this place was definitely packed with all sorts of shoppers…all intent on getting the perfect deal for the day…none that rusty and i saw we needed. DSCN6725 DSCN6726

DSCN6728 on the way back to the car, we stopped into chick’s sporting goods to see if they had any auburn paraphernalia…but to no avail. of course they had the better team gear…an alabama hat.

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