time spent with family over a shared meal…a traditional one, that is.
precisely what i experienced today.

time with rusty, stephen, and alicia.

turkey, cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, sister shubert rolls, homemade pies (chocolate pecan and apple cranberry).

and thoughts of thankfulness that flood my mind today.
thankfulness for family (both here with me today and those back in alabama)…
thankfulness for their unconditional love and constant support.

thankfulness for friends here in pasadena (those within the fuller community and those with whom i work)…
thankfulness for them embracing who i am, for accepting me, for challenging me and encouraging me.

thankfulness for opportunities that have been afforded to me the past few years…
thankfulness for the privilege of them, for what i have learned through them, and for the trials that have pushed me further than i would have chosen to go.

and thankfulness for the god who provided all of this…
thankfulness that even though i am so undeserving, god lavishly pours out blessings on my life.

i have much for which to be grateful.

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