what would jesus buy?

the title of this movie intrigues me…
especially working in retail management.
especially quickly approaching holiday and the shopping season in the retail context.
especially since i am personally attempting to coordinate my theology and culture.

so i went to see this screening at the city of angels film festival with some friends who are also interested in the interplay of theology and culture…each from a different perspective. none of us were disappointed.

it was challenging (and still is as i just begin to process what i saw, what i heard, and what i had already known)…
and it was funny (in fact, i thought the actual storyline was joke throughout the entire movie).

on to the movie.

at the outset, the narrator said (or something to this effect) “each week people enter places of worship” as numerous visual depictions of shopping malls flashed the screen.

    what constitutes a place of worship?
    what does one do at a place of worship?
    and do i consider shopping idolatry…
    or even visiting a shopping mall an act of idolatry?

    the movie, which is actually a documentary, was a montage of various mediums all centering around the storyline of reverend billy and the church of stop shopping. for real…i didn’t realize this guy was an actual preacher (thought he was fictitious with his bleach blonde, tv evangelist, hairsprayed hair), nor did i believe this church was an actual community until the panel discussion afterwards. the movie followed the church’s story and followed their 30 day gospel choir tour across the u.s.

    this stop shopping campaign may seem a bit extreme…especially in our american, consumeristic culture.
    which is precisely the point.

    we know you cannot stop shopping, but you can have a conscience about your shopping. think about how it affects other people.
    ~quote by one member of the stop shopping church (fairly certain it was savitri d., the wife of rev billy).

    brings up a good point…responsible shopping. and the documentary shifted focus there…and that is where it hit home with me personally as well.

    some means of praxis:
    •check out the website: www.responsibleshopper.org or even perform a search on the company or product in question.
    •buy commodities made in u.s.a.
    •buy local.
    •ask yourself these questions when shopping:
    why am i here?
    do i need this?
    how will i pay for this?
    where will we put it?
    what would happen if i wait?
    these seem like very helpful questions for me to ask next time i enter a store to shop…for something i most likely do not need or did not intend to purchase.

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