i put on my ipod, turn up the volume, pick up the hand weights, and begin to workout…listening to the latest podcast from mars hill, a church located in grand rapids. within the first 5 minutes charlie and kim were invited to share their story…their story of second marriages, of 5 adopted kids, and of miracles.

we are proof positive that what satan meant for evil with brokenness, god has kind of taken kim and i and put us back together and taken all these other broken, castaway pieces of humanity and made this beautiful mosaic called a family.
~charlie, sharing his story at mars hill service on october 28, 2007.

what a view…
what a perspective…

god doesn’t cause us to be broken people; we just are.
god doesn’t desire for us to remain broken; we just sometimes do.
many reasons why…
don’t want to change.
don’t think we can.
don’t want to make the effort.

but charlie and kim’s story is one of wholeness and healing the broken.
it is a story of restoration.
it is a story of newness–new life not only for charlie and kim in their marriage to one another, but new life for each of their 5 adopted kids.
it is a story i needed to hear today.

we all have a story to tell.
we all have a miracle to share.
we all are broken tiles awaiting the master to create a mosaic of our lives.
we all desire to see the beauty in the broken.

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