unexpressed thoughts.

as dad and i were driving home from santa barbara (after our necessary stop at the williams sonoma there), we began looking for a place to eat…or thinking about a place to eat. i mistakenly passed the exit at oxnard where i knew had restaurants, so i had to exit at the next one. and as i was exiting the ramp off highway 101, i thought to myself, “how cool would it be if there was a chick-fil-a near here?…what i would love to eat at a chick-fil-a.”

now for those of you who live within a 28-mile radius of at least one chick-fil-a, you might not understand these visions of chick-fil-a entering my mind. but for those of us who only have 26 chick-fil-a restaurants within 150 miles of our zip code, (i know that seems absurd since montgomery has 3 all within a 10 mile radius) seeing a chick-fil-a is like seeing a spring in the desert.

no less than miraculous…
when i saw the infamous logo, i knew god heard my unexpressed thoughts…
and god provided.

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