evening of the stars.

DSCN6464 just add larry blackwell and jen blackwell to the list. DSCN6454

dad and i are staying at the santa maria inn, a historic hotel that has been in business for the past 90 years. it is old, yet elegant…a place definitely fit for the stars, which is precisely why we decided to lodge here for the evening.

and i know it might be surprising, but we are not the only famous people to have stayed here. in fact, we are staying in what is known today as the “bob hope room”
DSCN6444 …his star flanking our door, but what might well be known tomorrow as the “larry blackwell room” (famous for being the world’s best dad, among other notable achievements).

rusty, think we ought to put his picture DSCN6463
in between the ones of walter mathieu and jack lemmon?

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