alisa’s engaged!! congratulations, dear friend!


i cannot wait to be a part of these next 10 months as alisa’s makes the beginning preparations to spend the rest of her life with rich. i know there will joyous occasions, reasons to celebration, trying times, seasons of difficulty, and times to grieve…and this all within the day leading up to the wedding.

alisa, just know it is hard for me to be so far away during this new season of your life. i want to be as much a part of it as i am able…even if it is simply a sounding board via cell phone. i count it a privilege to have walked beside you these past 7 years of life.

DSCN0986alisa, you have truly been a constant encouragement–never can i think of a time when i did not feel more encouraged for having spent time around you…never did i walk away from talking to you as upset as i began. you never cease to brighten my day!

DSCN4342alisa, you have been a continual source of refreshment–a pool of fresh water that by entering in produces a sense of calmness, of relaxation, of new life, of new perspective. thanks for letting me be who i am…and always accepting me that way!

alisa, you have been one who has always challenged me–challenged me by asking great spiritual questions as you search for truth, challenged me in my narrow-minded way of thinking, challenged me as you seek to hold me accountable (or hold me to the standard i often hold others to), and challenged me to persevere when so many times i wanted to quit…or run away.

007_8Aalisa, you have showed me what it is like to forgive–to forgive those who have hurt you, to forgive those closest to you, and to let it go. you have showed me what it looks like to pick up the pieces–of disappointments, of heartaches, of unexpected realities–and move on. the maturity you evidence is beyond your years…so often causing me to re-evaluate my own.

DSCN2879alisa, you have prayed for and with me, you have called on me daily to check on me, you have written me notes of encouragement and left them on my car at the gym, you have driven miles to see me, you have run beside me, you have shared life with me, and you have invested in me.

i couldn’t be more excited for you in this engagement season of life (unless of course, i was in alabama physically) and look forward to the times we will continue to share.

i love you, my friend.

1 thought on “congratulations.

  1. Wow….who am I to get a whole blog entry of just me?? Jen you are incredible. I’m so completely honored that you will be walking along side of me as I prepare for marriage. Thank you for your friendship, and mainly just for being Jen. I love You!

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