pac10-logo-websafe…oh my bad, PAC-10, supposedly THE BEST conference in college football. all i hear out here, on the west coast, is how great the PAC-10 is…and how all others simply cannot compete. in fact, one of my friends from Virginia, when talking about the ACC conference, was told it stood for Almost Competing Conference (or something to that effect). and it is the way in which these PAC-10ers talk about their almighty conference (apparently God’s gift to college football) seems–to me at least–so arrogant.

…and it gets on my nerves.

after game day on saturday, how many PAC-10ers are left standing? how many are left in the top 10? i am sure the domination of the PAC-10 can recover…since they are so much better than the competition.

PAC-10ers…how does it feel?

how does it feel to have Notre Dame capture their first W against UCLA? how does it feel to be UCLA–to lose to a team predicted to finish 0-8? can UCLA make it…can they reclaim their status after first being pounded by Utah, then getting humiliated by the fighting Irish?

and USC…the fallen…to Stanford. no need to expound on this.

but for both of these–such humbling losses–are the PAC-10ers any less arrogant? do they still feel as though they are THE ONLY true conference…simply self-destructing in these losses? sure glad Cal and Oregon are PAC-10 schools so USC would have some company in the top 10.

it will be interesting to see the next eight weeks and how USC handles the competition…now that their schedule actually gets challenging. hope they will be able to hold out. can you imagine what would happen if USC dropped out of the top 10…and fell from glory? PAC-10ers might turn into what Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio described southern fans: whiners.

and i resent that comment.

2 thoughts on “PAC-3?

  1. This is so ambiguous, Jen. I think you should be more vocal about how you really feel.

    Go Big 10!!!! At least we KNOW we suck.

  2. i cannot help that i am honest…

    good for you big 10ers…us southerners will go down fighting! it is that southern pride…just won’t die. we still think the south will rise again (in whatever context you take that).

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