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i looked around at the south pass farmer’s market and noticed the various ethnicities surrounding me. i was no longer in my american, solely-caucasian bubble. in fact, i only spotted a few others like me, besides those with whom i had come. i could hardly recognize the other ethnicities, although it was evident each of us were somehow different.

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and i thought to myself that i like this…
i like the blending.
i like the mixture of ethnicities.
i like the abundance of the food options, most of which are foreign to my native palate.
i like the community feel and the community of which i am a part when i simply walk into the market, regardless if i come with others or walk in alone.

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1 thought on “blending.

  1. Jen, I’ve thought about it before but never mentioned it, but you have great grammar, very impressive. BTW, Roll Tide!! It’s Saturday, so I just had to say it. 😉

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