i am a self-professed mexican food junkie. it is my addiction of choice. i really do believe i could eat mexican for at least two meals every day. so moving to so cal has afforded me countless opportunities to sample authentic mexican fare (as opposed to the tex-mex variety i am used to in alabama…which i love, i might add).

which brings me to the point of this blog: my favorite mexican joint that i have discovered thus far. DSCN5141
one can hardly call this place a restaurant or a cantina.
one can stop looking for a mariachi band. one will be sorely disappointed if he or she expects a vast array of mexican dishes.
one can only be truly satisfied with the food, the atmosphere, and the environment if he or she comes with little or no expectations. i guarantee that it will exceed any ones held onto previously.

i am not sure exactly why tito’s is my favorite…or actually why it sticks out so distinctly in my mind. it is one of the places i love taking friends and family who visit, as well as friends living in so cal who simply have missed out on the tito’s experience.

as soon as one crosses under the freeway in culver city on washington pl, you see it. DSCN5142 maybe it is this rather overwhelming sign which beckons customers to the window, maybe it is the line of people streaming almost into the street (no matter the time of day), or maybe it is the concession stand feel as one places his or her order at the window then waits for it to be filled. i am not sure what the draw is…all i know is that 1)there is one, and 2)i have not succeeded in overcoming it.

the menu is simple (yes, there are more items than just tacos…but i am still amazed that people would want something other than tacos– i mean, clearly it is tito’s tacos!) DSCN5144
the service is nice, but nothing special.
the packaging is practical (food placed in a cardboard box with the price written in pencil on the outside). DSCN5145
the guac is a sauce–pureed to the max.
the salsa is fresh and chunky. one can feel the burn after consuming a dozen or so chips.
the chips are homemade.
the beef is shredded.
the cheese is extra.

i am not sure what keeps me coming back to tito’s or what has set it apart in my mind, all i know is that i am a tito’s groupie… DSCN5151

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