mile markers.

“how much further to rusty’s?” i asked dad as i glanced at the clock in his truck which read 11:55, quickly approaching the 12:05 ETA of which he had informed me earlier. he responded by asking me which mile marker we had just passed (as if i had a clue). i rarely–ok, maybe never–pay attention to those green numbered signs that appear rather frequently along the highway.


i have never judged distance by these mile markers (i clearly am not aware of the important function they serve). instead, i judge distance by landmarks. this has always seemed like a good idea, although it is not all that accurate as my common response is “oh, not much further…it will only take a few more minutes…or i think it is the next city.” but dad, after noting the mile marker, could tell me exactly how many miles left until we arrived at rusty’s front door…and approximately how long it would take.

what a novel concept–to use mile markers for their intended purpose as a set, objective way whereby effectively judging the distance. instead, my means of predicting distance is based on my subjective interpretation of what i recall of the situation at hand.

how many times am i the same way?
how many times do i judge and perceive reality by my current situation or past experiences, rather than the truth or rather than the established norm?
how many times am i led astray by this faulty sense of judging–judging according to my own standards, not God’s.

i have now seen the importance of these mile markers and the value of them occurring so frequently on the highway.
i have now seen the importance of the accountability and consistency that come from checking yourself against the standard set…against the truth.
i have now seen the importance of not basing my judgments on that which is subjective–circumstances, feelings, or perceptions.

oh, the importance of those pesky little green mile markers…
may i continue to see their importance…

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