saban domination.

DSCN4333 everyone in alabama knows about college football…and knows how college football is life. take for instance, shopping…everywhere you turn you see some college paraphernalia–from key chains, bedroom slippers, wall clocks, koozies, paper weights, crocs, toothbrushes, serving platters, to pajama bottoms. everything one might need comes in either orange and blue with a war eagle or crimson and white with a roll tide.

there is an intense rivalry between these two schools…one must choose to root for auburn university or the university of alabama. not to declare a preference automatically labels you an outsider, a foreigner. although both schools have a history, it seems that the university of alabama is a legend. the front of one t-shirt has the familiar milk slogan transcribbed “got twleve?” with the back bragging: DSCN4325

this year, things at alabama (known simply as “the university”) are even more so since they have a new head coach, nick saban…which i might add is THE HIGHEST paid college football coach (which is another blog for another time).

in case it is not evident from the dollar figure saban is paid just how excited alabama fans are to have him as coach, the cotton proclaims the message loud and clear.
DSCN4324 DSCN4323 DSCN4321 DSCN4322

and just so everyone knows the year, it is two thousand saban….

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