what is so striking about jim’s? is it the B.B.Q. beef…the coca-cola (that you will for sure enjoy)…the pastrami..the char broiled burgers…the old-school sign advertising all of these delicacies?

or…could it be the atmosphere, the environment? now jim’s is a simple building with modest accomodations. i am not even sure there is indoor dining.

yet, everytime i pass by jim’s, whether it be 9a.m. or 9p.m., a throng is gathered around the building. it reminds me of another jim’s (located in rural alabama) which also beckons gatherers with a coca-cola sign.

neither jim’s is about food, beverage, or the advertising, but about community…the people gathered. people want to gather with others who have common interest, at least on some level…to gather with those who understand their needs…to gather with people who can somehow meet such needs.

and that is why these gathering places will continue to exist, despite the old-school signage…or in spite of it.

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